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Ship managers since 1970

BBG - "Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG" commenced their activities as ship managers in the 1970s with the operation and management of a fleet of conventional reefer vessels under the name of "Frigomaris Shipping". In 1987, as "Ganymed Shipping", the first container vessel was contracted under full management. Since then a fleet up to more then 30 bulk carriers were managed at one time.

The BBG today

Today BBG manages a fleet of nearly 30 bulk carriers up to 92.500 DWT capacity and provides all services of a modern ship manager under highest quality levels, safety aspects and cost consideration. The new building supervision team of BBG under the direct leadership of a BBG director and with extensive knowledge in this field was and still is involved in different projects in Europe and Asia.

From 1993 until today the construction of more than 20 modern container vessels up to PANMAX-size and 32 bulk carriers up to POST-PANMAX-size has been supervised at various shipyards in Germany, South Europe, Korea and China to the full satisfaction of their owners.

IMEC Certificate

BBG proudly announces that as of July 2015 the membership for the International Maritime Employers Council, short IMEC, was confirmed by Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Francesco Gargiulo. BBG is now a fully recognized Member for the year 2015 and will continue its membership also in the next years.

GLC-ISO Certificate

As early as 1997 the "ISM/DOC - document of compliance" and the "ISO 9001:2000 certificate" were obtained through the Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg for the flag state of Germany, Liberia, Malta and Marshall Island emphasizing the company's early commitment to safety and quality, followed by the "ISPS verification" in 2004. As of January 2006, certification for "ISO 14001", Environmental Management, has been added through the Germanischer Lloyd for the office organisation and all managed vessels.

BBG in Bremen which was set up in 2002 together with CONTI Reederei as a shareholder, took over all management contracts and activities from Ganymed as of 01. January 2003 and continues to work under highest safety and quality standards.

Presently the company is holding the ISM/Document of Compliance for the flag state of Liberia, Malta, Portugal and Antigua & Barbuda and is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified. All managed vessels are in the process of being MLC 2006 certified which is well under progress and should be completed in the foreseeable future.