Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

BBG - "Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG" commenced their activities as ship managers in the 1970s with the operation and management of a fleet of conventional reefer vessels under the name of "Frigomaris Shipping". In 1987, as "Ganymed Shipping", the first container vessel was contracted under full management. Since then a fleet up to more then 20 full container vessels were managed at one time. (Read more about us...)


BBG News Update II January 2017

January II 2017 - Quelle: BBG

On 18.01.2017 our good vessel "Conti Amethyst" (ex POS Amethyst) has been sold to new owners. Simultaneously, the vessel has been renamed to "Nautical Amethyst", while still sailing under Liberian flag. Due to BBG's good performance, new owners have decided to leave the technical management with BBG.


BBG News Update January 2017

January 2017 - Quelle: BBG

BBG wishes all business partners and crews a happy and prosperous new year!

Furthermore, BBG is proud to announce that another new building has been taken over on 14th December 2016. With the delivery of Nautical Anne from Jiangsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (based in China) we increased our fleet to 37 vessels. Furthermore, BBG is still expecting two Nautical Bulk new buildings to be completed and taken over mid-2017.


BBG News Update November 2016

November 2016 - Quelle: BBG

During the past year BBG underwent extensive changes.

With the takeover of further four new builds in 2015 and two in 2016 (all Liberian flagged Ultramax sized bulk carriers) from Jiangsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (based in China) in cooperation with Nautical Bulk Holding, the latest one being Nautical Alice on 30th June 2016, BBG increased its fleet growth considerably. With 3 more new buildings to come, one of these being Nautical Anne with a scheduled delivery in December 2016 (the last two will follow mid of 2017), it will be quite challenging for BBG to face the current bulk market situation.

Besides new vessels coming into the BBG fleet the company also had to take leave of some of their long-term managed CONTI vessels, as these have been or will be sold. The first vessels, MV “CONTI Fuchsit” and MV “CONTI Flint”, have been handed over by BBG to their new owner during October 2016 already. Within a couple of weeks these two vessels have been followed by the sale of MV “CONTI Jade” as well as MV “CONTI Japsis”.

In order to compensate the vessel sales and hence a shrinking fleet, BBG managed to establish a partnership with Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG in the meantime. The main focus of this cooperation lies in the change of the technical management of 7 vessels, 3 being bulk carriers and 4 being multipurpose vessels, from Peter Döhle to BBG. Since the beginning of July 2016 BBG gradually took over the mentioned 7 vessel into its technical management and has successfully completed this task on 10th October 2016 with the last vessel MV “Tatjana” changing its manager.


BBG to be managing 14 new built Ultramax bulk carriers

August 2015 - Quelle: BBG

BBG is proud to announce that 3 of 14 new built ‘Ultramax’ sized bulk carriers have been added to the fleet in June 2015. The two 63530 dwt Jiangsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (based in China) constructed motor vessels are called “Nautical Loredana” and “Nautical Hilary” and “Nautical Sif”. The Liberian flagged vessels are successfully completing their maiden voyages and will be operating on a worldwide trade. All three vessels will be commercially and operationally managed by Monaco based ship broking company C Transport Maritime (short CTM), but monitored by BBG respectively.


BBG moving to new office location

June 2015 - Quelle: BBG

After having spent more than 10 years in their office location at Bahnhofstrasse 28-31 in Bremen, BBG’s management decided to move to new and bigger business premises. The decision was made based on a growing fleet and with new staff that has been/ will be employed respectively. In order to be able to manage the total number of 14 upcoming new buildings, it was necessary to provide more space for the daily work that has to be coped with, said General Manager Joachim Zeppenfeld.

Being a founded in Bremen, BBG remains faithful to its roots in the small Hanseatic town. Since mid of June 2015 the new office is located in Martinistrasse 61, which is near the well-known Schlachte and the city center. BBG welcomes all business partners and friends to stop by and take a look into its new premises.


BBG übernimmt 28. Bulker für CONTI Unternehmensgruppe

November 2012 - Quelle: BBG

Am 28. November 2012 übernahm die Münchener CONTI Unternehmensgruppe ihren 28. Bulk-Carrier. Es ist das letzte Schiff der Supramax-Bulkcarrierserie, die bei der chinesischen Bauwerft „Jingsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry“ in Auftrag gegeben wurden. Außerdem ist es das letzte der gesamten Bulker-Neubauten, die in der Zusammenarbeit mit der BBG - BremerBereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. fertig gestellt wurden.Es war ein aufregender Moment für alle Anwesenden, als der 57.000 DWT – tragende Bulkcarrier am 10. November 2012 von Frau Doris Hönig, der Ehefrau von Herrn Jörg Hönig, Manager der Klassifikationsgesellschaft Lloyd´s Register in Hamburg, auf den Namen „POS AZURIT“ getauft wurde. Direkt nach seiner Fertigstellung wird der Massengutfrachter eine zwölfjährige Charter bei der südkoreanischen Reederei „STX Pan Ocean“ antreten. Die Bereederung erfolgt, wie bei allen bisher für die CONTI abgelieferten Bulkcarrier, durch die Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. (BBG).

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Conti / BBG - Neuer Supramax-Bulker in Dienst gestellt

Januar 2012 - Quelle: Hansa

Mitte Dezember wurde der 18. Bulkcarrier an die Münchner Conti Reederei als Eigner und die Bremer Reederei BBG als Manager von der chinesischen Bauwerft Taizhou Sanfu Shipengineering übergeben. Die »Conti Larimar« ist das letzte einer Serie von vier Schiffen, die von der Werft für die Conti Reederei gebaut wurde. Damit sind in den Jahren 2010 und 2011 insgesamt elf Supramax-, fünf Panamax- und zwei Postpanamax-Bulker an Conti und BBG abgeliefert worden. Weitere zehn Bulkcarrier werden bis September 2012 folgen. Die „Conti Larimar“ (57.000 tdw, 190 m Länge, 32,3 m Breite, maximaler Tiefgang 12,8 m) ist mit vier Ladekränen von je 30 t Tragfähigkeit ausgerüstet. Das Ladevolumen der fünf Laderäume beträgt 71.500 3qm. Die MAN B&W-Hauptmaschine hat eine Leistung von 9.480 kW und bringt eine Reisegeschwindigkeit von 14 kn. Mit der Übergabe des Schiffes an den Eigner beginnt gleichzeitig eine vierjährige Zeitcharter bei Hyundai Merchant Marine.